Achieving Workforce Management Sustainability: Finding Your Solution Balance











It is often easy to consider the implementation of a new solution as a marker of success. Still, ‘implementation’ for implementation's sake can be counterproductive to a business's goals and needs. 

As implementation specialists, we know it is crucial to maximizing the value of what you already have before expanding your productivity toolkit. The more solutions added, the more overlap you are likely to experience—and that is just plain unsustainable (and financially inefficient). 

Keep Your Solution Set Lean

Nobody wants to pay twice for the same results. When buying into multiple solutions, you may find yourself paying for concurrent, redundant features. And when there are numerous ways to do the same thing, there is a greater chance of costly confusion.

Sustainability means taking full stock of what solutions and services you have available and eliminating anything that siphons cost or effort without delivering distinct value in return. 

For some, this means consolidating solutions onto a unified workforce management suite, such as Kronos Workforce Central. For others, it may be a matter of merely utilizing untapped features they already have. Some may even find their strength in a fully customized workforce management system—piecing together an ideal solution infrastructure from multiple providers (i.e., ditching bundles for hand-picked, individual services).

Optimize Your Data Exchange

Whether you have two active solutions or ten, sustainability depends on the ease and security of the information shared. Ideally, record keeping and data exchange should have minimal friction and minimal redundancy across solutions. The more places information is stored, the greater chance there is for inconsistencies between them.

Analyze how your current solutions create, store, and share data. When an update occurs in one place, is it reflected quickly and efficiently elsewhere? Are your employees required to duplicate their efforts to maintain record consistency? Streamlining these critical data systems can help ensure greater sustainability.

Fill In Training Gaps

When your solutions are in good shape and only need to be applied more efficiently, platform training can improve employees’ utilization of the tools they have on hand. Training can uncover underutilized features and even technological shortcuts that minimize time spent on routine administrative tasks, helping employees stay focused on work that matters.

Better Define Your Actual Needs

More is not always the answer. Finding sustainability with your workforce management solutions means using what you have to the fullest extent and not paying extra for what you don't.

This idea is central to how The Workforce Consulting Group helps businesses directly relate their solutions to goals. We achieve this by conducting a thorough needs assessment. Sustainability is unique to each organization, so it is essential to establish what is already available from within and how it relates to bona fide business needs before recommending whether to supplement, swap, unify, or ditch technologies. 

Do you seek greater sustainability with your workforce solutions? Schedule a consultation with one of our implementation specialists to uncover greater solution efficiency and balance today.

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