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Implementing Globally? What You Need to Know

Posted by Neil Shah on Oct 7, 2015 11:30:00 AM

You may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of implementing on a global scale – maybe you are implementing Kronos in a new market, or you acquired a company that has operations globally. Whatever the reason, there are three key things to consider to ensure a successful project.

Cultural, Language and Currency Differences

Implementing Kronos can be extra challenging in a global market if you are not aware of the cultural, language and currency differences. Culturally, it is important to look at the structure of the company – is it hierarchical or flat? This is key to consider as you define roles and responsibilities within the organization. It is also important to ensure the country’s language of choice is used, and that the local currency can be compared equally to currencies used in different countries.

Regulatory Requirements

Different countries have different regulations which impact how employees work, their rights surrounding pay, overtime, holidays, etc. and vary widely depending on which country you are doing business in. Automating tasks to adhere to local regulations for scheduling and payment processes is key to ensure a smooth delivery.

Change Management

Change management and training is critical in any implementation, but even more so when working globally. From a partner standpoint, the vendor should set realistic expectations on when the project will be completed, since there may been additional hoops to jump through on the global level. And employees should fully understand why the change is being made, the benefits of the new software, and how long the transition will take.

Why The WFC Group?

At The WFC Group we deliver advanced global workforce management solutions to organizations and enterprises around the world, and have used our years of expertise to successfully complete dozens of implementations on a global scale in all industries. We help control your labor costs, improve productivity, provide key workplace insights and minimize compliance risk.

Our Experience:

  • We’ve completed work in more than 25 countries outside of the U.S., including Argentina, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, India, Mexico, Poland and Russia
  • We have more than 260 years combined workforce management experience & speak four different languages (English, French, German, Spanish)

What Makes us Different?

  • We approach each global implementation with a unique and specific strategy based on cultural and regulatory requirements – no two implementations are ever the same
  • We can handle multiple implementations in multiple countries/locations at the same time
  • We have the knowledge and expertise to know exactly how to communicate with different countries, depending on their cultural differences. We learn who we are communicating with and what they expect of us as a partner
  • We use our own business philosophy – “ Listen. Adapt. Deliver.” to adjust to different cultures. We Listen and keep an open mind to what works best, and Adapt our approach accordingly

Interested in learning more about our global expertise? Contact us today!

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