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Is It Time to Move Up from Kronos iSeries Central Suite?

Posted by Neil Shah on Nov 26, 2019 11:45:00 AM

iStock-1175568836 blogThe IBM iSeries servers (formerly AS/400) have long been trusted by mid-sized businesses for their heavy computing capabilities. Their endurance can largely be attributed to IBM's support for past compatibility with each new version of the software and operating system they release.

And ever since acquiring HCM solutions for iSeries in the 1980s, Kronos has also continued to support native workforce management (such as iSeries Central Suite) for companies that choose to integrate productivity and general office functions into their existing IT. 

But while support and management of iSeries solutions is still offered, they lack many advancements made in Kronos's cloud-based Workforce Central, Ready and Dimensions suites. Advancements that may be valuable considerations for uncoupling workforce management systems from a business's other technical infrastructure.

Cloud-based Management and Upkeep

As cloud-based software solutions, Kronos Workforce suites are administered remotely by Kronos. This allows for regular updates and patches to be distributed in behind the scenes, so customers are always running the latest versions without interruption to daily tasks. This also removes a heavy burden from IT departments that would otherwise need to schedule waves of downtime for updates to employee devices.

Designed with Mobility First

While mobile access has been added to iSeries solutions in recent years, Kronos's breakthrough offering in Workforce Dimensions was designed for mobile accessibility first for the realities of today's connected workforce. Workforce Central and Ready both also have significant mobile features and optimizations that take advantage of Kronos's many cloud-based capabilities. 

Beyond Automation with Artificial Intelligence

Although the iSeries solutions are known best for their business automation capabilities, Kronos's Workforce suites boast amazing analytics capabilities and machine learning with the help of AI. These key features are designed to help managers and business leaders gain a deeper understanding of their employee base, from performance to engagement and beyond. These are also helpful in developing stronger, informed relationships between a company and its workers, priming all members with the tools and data they need to face the future together with purpose, not simply automate away the opportunities to make a difference in favor of efficiency.

Considering a transition from iSeries to something more future-focused? We can help you figure out what exciting changes to expect. Drop us a message with a quick introduction to your iSeries challenges and goals, and we'll be in touch!

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