Is Your Business Compliant with Employee Data Protection Laws? A Hosted Service for Workforce Management Can Help.

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As an ethical business leader, you undoubtedly strive to protect and responsibly manage your employees’ data. However, data lawsuits are growing increasingly common, suggesting that organizations may not be doing enough to prevent leaks of private employee information, despite their best efforts. Further, the Supreme Court has recently clarified aspects of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) that may have direct workplace implications. Essentially, employers are responsible for limiting access at shared terminals to information directly relevant to employee roles. While this legislation aims to protect employees’ critical information, it also creates one more compliance concern for workforce managers.

Keeping up with such legislation can be a full-time job that many managers and even HR Departments simply don’t have the capacity or expertise to fill. Fortunately, a hosted service for workforce management can provide enhanced security protocols to guarantee the protection of your employee data while simultaneously ensuring your automatic compliance with legislative updates.

If you have not recently assessed your workforce management system and service partner, now is the time to do so. Upgrading your workforce management system to a to a hosted service not only ensures that you are adhering to all compliance requirements, including data privacy laws, it provides numerous other benefits to increase your ROI.

Upgrade Your Platform

Cloud-based workforce management systems are an excellent choice to ensure that your organization is always updated with the latest features and functions offered by your solution. Hosted software providers handle disaster recovery, risk assessment, backup, and proactive compliance. SaaS models like UKG Dimensions are a great option to help you streamline your processes and protect against certain types of data-related litigation.

For example, Release 7 of UKG Dimensions automatically added a consent form for employees to complete when your timekeeping policy requires geolocation tracking, otherwise known as recording their physical location via GPS when they punch in and out using their mobile device. In short, not only can UKG Dimensions take your workforce management systems mobile for increased efficiency, Dimensions ensures that you can trust the punch data collected from employees and that you stay compliant with privacy laws, all at the same time and all automatically.

To make sure that you are getting the most from your workforce management software platform while also staying compliant to your legal obligations, consider upgrading to a SaaS system like UKG Dimensions.

Work with a Service Partner

Deciding to implement a SaaS system can be an important step in protecting your organization from data breaches and related lawsuits. Working with a certified service partner like The WFC Group to do it is the best way to ensure that your implementation or upgrade is successful. We provide personalized implementation services that ensure your success through our Listen. Adapt. Deliver. methodology.

Further, the right service partner can also help you support and administer your system. The WFC Group provides Comprehensive Support Solutions which are designed to eliminate the need for a dedicated internal support team. We take care of your day-to-day system and user needs while working with you to build a strategic roadmap for future enhancements and other changes.

Employee data protection is critical, both legally and ethically, but staying on top of the latest requirements is complex and time-consuming. Contact us today for help in assessing your workforce management system’s efficiency and effectiveness. We listen to your needs, adapt our services, and deliver world-class results for your success.

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