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Is Your Workforce Unique? Your WFM Platform Should Be Too

Posted by Michael Turner on May 18, 2021 10:45:00 AM

Considering a WFM Makeover Ask Yourself These Three Questions. (1)










It's safe to assume that COVID-19 has impacted your company in some way over the past several months. For instance, how your people work may have changed. According to Pew Research, half of all workers surveyed who started working from home during COVID would prefer to keep doing it "post"-pandemic. Or, in an alternative scenario, maybe business ramped up, and you've had to hire more people to launch new products or services. 

Regardless of your organization's change, one thing has stayed the same: your people are still your most critical asset. As such, this is a pivotal time for your company to reassess your workforce management system and ensure it's keeping up with your unique workforce. Here are four questions to consider:

1. Is your WFM system giving your people what they need?

Managers and employees interact with workforce management software differently from industry to industry and company to company. For example, if your employee's clock in when they start work, is a clock-in button the first thing they see on the computer screen? If not, wasted time is kicking off the workday. 

  1. 2. Are you getting the data you need?

  2. Your workforce management system should collect and interpret meaningful, year-over-year data to help you make more substantial business decisions for long-term success. Gaps in data could hinder strategic business plans and hurt the bottom line.

  2. 3. Is your system keeping you compliant?

  3. Workforce management software can—and should— be configured to accommodate federal, state, and county labor laws, unique collective bargaining agreements, and COVID-19 safety protocols. When you automate compliance, you save time and cut down the risk of potential litigation. 

4. Are your systems integrated?

All parts of your HR and WFM systems should connect seamlessly. When done, it saves time and money, reduces the risk of human error, and improves the quality of data you have to make business decisions.

Your workforce is what sets your organization apart from others; planning, optimizing, and measuring that asset is the key to customer satisfaction. It's no secret that happy employees make for happy customers. Now is the time to look at the gaps in your workforce management system and make changes accordingly. 

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