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Key Considerations For a Strong "Re-open Office Plan"

Posted by Luke Dusett on Jun 23, 2020 10:45:00 AM


As cities and states begin to relax stay-at-home orders for those outside of essential services, business leaders reassume the extraordinary responsibility of making decisions for the safety and health of their workforce and clientele. Here are a few recommendations to keep in mind as businesses prepare to spring offices back to life.

Set Your Own Phases

Many major cities set clear phases for reopening local spaces (both private and public), and some are already within reach of allowing offices to resume onsite activity (in a limited capacity). Still, businesses would do well to proceed with great caution. Haste to fill desks, pods, and meeting rooms could reignite the risks of coronavirus infection, upending any progress made—and that's just not good for business.

Take national companies like Facebook, Shopify, and Box for example, as highlighted in Wunderman Thompson's new insights on "The New Workday." Even with the allowance to reopen, they have all opted to prioritize working from home well into the fall and even delaying most office work till 2021. Shopify even proposes remaining "digital by default." In the meantime, Google plans to allow office work on a limited, rotating basis while they make sweeping physical changes on campuses to better protect employee health. 

Keep Plans Personal 

Do your individual employees commute by private car or by public transportation? How many people do they live with, and how might that affect their potential exposure, even despite efforts to practice social distancing? Are childcare options available (or even safe) for employees with children that would allow them to resume onsite work?

So many different criteria may determine whether it's appropriate for certain employees to reinhabit the workplace, for their safety and others. Employees in certain states may even have grounds to refuse to return to the workplace if new workplace rules explicitly prevent them from enacting personal protective measures, such as outright denying them the use of face masks.

Empower your managers with scheduling and communication tools to efficiently plan with their individual team members, ensuring health and safety are at the center of balancing onsite and online work.

Take Advantage of More Workforce Management Capabilities

As we continue to face new workplace realities, many businesses are finding opportunities to improve the way they use their workforce management solutions to strengthen health and safety. Our team is always standing by to help assess workforce management solutions for untapped potential, especially in the midst of rapid, necessary change. 

Let's talk about your goals, needs, and ways to better leverage the solutions already available to you. Contact us today to speak about direct opportunities for your unique business.

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