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Managers Matter in Employee Retention: Do yours have the tools to engage?

Posted by Neil Shah on Oct 8, 2019 11:45:00 AM


The employee–manager relationship has a powerful influence on whether your employees stick around. A new study released by The Workforce Institute at Kronos, called Global State of Managers, has measured the strong value managers possess for employee engagement and retention. 

For 70% of employees surveyed, their relationship with their manager can make or break their commitment to stay. Another 22% consider this relationship still somewhat influential on their commitment. That means 92% of employees find stake in whether their supervisors place similar stake in them. 

Where do managers already succeed, and where is there room for improvement? Most employees scored their managers high for competence and performance management, but their responses show much to be desired from managers' roles in fostering work-life balance and job coaching. To meet these important expectations, managers need a workforce management infrastructure that empowers their means of engaging.

Supporting a Better Work-life Balance

For managers to know when work is interfering with employee's personal lives, they need clear insight into employee workloads and the time they command. Today's most helpful workforce management solutions are built not around tracking employee attendance and performance, but around processing that data to create a clear picture of workplace health and engagement.

By simplifying data into snapshots for manager dashboards, managers can understand their employees better and step in to uphold their work-life necessities when they see fit. Consider employees who constantly prove their value to company performance but find themselves logging long hours that keep them from participating in the other daily things they care about. Managers empowered with data visibility can step in to help these important players keep friends, family and home life a priority by redistributing their extra work. 

Going Beyond Managing Performance with Professional Development

Another area of critique for managers is their role in coaching employees to develop and grow in their careers. This is unsurprising given what is widely known about factors for employee engagement. Employees are more engaged when they have a clear path for professional and personal growth within an organization and the means to achieve it. 

While hitting benchmarks is a manager's responsibility to their business, guiding their employees to grow should also be important. As we've stated before, performance is best developed, not simply managed. And those who get development right will maintain their talent edge. 

Current workforce management solutions deliver a centralized and full-cycle employee experience tool set for companies and managers to deliver clear career growth goals beyond simple quarterly or annual performance reviews. 

Technology Can Help Make a Huge Difference

If managers are given the proper tools to stand up for their employees and support their growth, their role in keeping valuable talent around will only grow stronger. Already, employees recognize the value of having a leader they can trust and respect, so as long as the factors that hold importance for them are reflected by those who lead them, their commitment will also grow. Workforce management is a direct contributor to these employee values. Does your solution deliver on these concerns?

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