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Managing Multiple Workforce's with One Campus Solution

Posted by Neil Shah on May 28, 2019 11:45:00 AM


Universities and colleges could not operate without the combined effort of a diverse and widespread faculty. From student workers to departmental staff, custodial and food service, these organizations are microcosms of employment, not just higher learning.

But with these numerous workforce's comes the burden of administrative oversight under tough budget scrutiny and an sharp eye for compliance.

Managing these disparate teams could take a village all on its own. Luckily, cloud-based workforce management solutions like Kronos for Higher Education are helping educational institutions simplify operations across several distinct workforce's with efficiency and accuracy.

Start with Time & Attendance

Making sure payroll is accurate (and preventing costly reconciliations) comes down to accurate scheduling, time-card punches and oversight. Kronos for Higher Education helps automate much of this process, with the option for employees to clock in from their mobile device and for managers to see and approve attendance in an instant.

Quick and easy verification of time-cards means more accuracy in employee accruals. Managers can ensure employees are sticking to their schedules, avoiding any unforeseen overages. Payroll departments can then also avoid any over-payments, and maintain the organization's labor costs.

Automate Schedule Changes

Greater mobility in workforce management makes it easier to adjust schedules on-the-go. Especially in the case of student workers, availability can change in an instant, but with mobile access, employees can request days off or shift swaps the moment they know they need one.

With proper rules set, Kronos can automatically approve schedule changes as long as each employee's change complies with federal and local regulations and their personal accruals. Managers simply see the update as it happens, only stepping in when the system requests further oversight or an exception. This is hugely beneficial to work-study participants and those balancing multiple roles under different managers.

Though time, attendance and scheduling are some of the easier wins for colleges and universities, the opportunities workforce management presents are even more impressive the deeper you go. To better understand what workforce management improvements have greater potential to impact your organization's mission, reach out to speak with our educational solutions experts today.

What works for one institution may not work for all, and as workforce management consultants, we're always determined to provide the best possible recommendation for each unique client's needs. Get the conversation started today!

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