Why Now Is the Time for Kronos Workforce Dimensions, More Than Ever

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When Kronos unveiled its next-generation Workforce Dimensions suite at KronosWorks 2017, the solution was met with excitement and hesitation. The reveal was accompanied by a road-map for continued development—meaning there was still work to be done. Now, Dimensions is even more souped-up and ready for decisive action.

With any product launch, there will usually be the early adopters (the believers) and others who want proven benefits before migrating to a new solution (the healthy skeptics). But within 18 months after launch, more than 600 organizations had adopted the Dimensions suite—and with good reason. By last winter, Kronos had already made significant progress in unifying more key workforce management, productivity, and human capital management solutions under this one accessible platform. 

Unlock Industry-Driven Advancements by Industry

Healthcare: Dimensions is already used by more than 1 million healthcare workers across 3,500+ hospitals and 10,000+ post-acute care providers. Of particular interest, the platform's emergency response unit configuration helps expedite staffing and resource coordination.

Manufacturing: Kronos has added a new application to Dimensions called Work, which provides real-time access to detailed labor activity data—enabling manufacturers to quickly respond to production issues, manage labor costs, and measure performance.

Retail, Hospitality, and Food Service: Dimensions is empowering key decision-makers with the means to fill scheduling gaps rapidly while maintaining compliance with labor regulations. Unified task management capabilities and AI-powered features give organizational leaders more ways to engage their workforce and produce stronger outcomes.

Your Partner in Preparation

With less than six months remaining in 2020, the timeline for businesses to adopt Flash-free workforce solutions grows worryingly short. Now—when faced with the option to either update Workforce Central to version 8.1.3 or higher, migrate to the supremely mobile-responsive Workforce Dimensions, or devise a custom solution in a matter of months—businesses' demand for additional support is widespread and growing. 

The Workforce Consulting Group’s implementation specialists are here to help evaluate your current system's preparedness for Adobe's discontinuation of Flash and advise you on options best suited to your unique productivity and performance goals. Reach out today to connect one-on-one with a member of our team and set forth on your path to continued solution success.

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