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Now is the time to get your WFM Mobility Right

Posted by Michael Turner on Feb 2, 2021 10:48:36 AM

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Continued need for remote work and social distancing in the workplace indicate the importance of mobile Workforce Management platforms and their enhanced capabilities.

For decades, robust mobile Workforce Management (WFM) applications have rarely been seen as necessities to business operations. After all, when employees can use desktop programs and other shared hardware physically located in offices, plants, and other company buildings, why would individualized, mobile access be a priority? 2020’s pandemic response measures have drastically changed that with most businesses needing to accommodate remote work and provide safer, less communal access to vital WFM functionality – in nearly an overnight timeframe.

This trend is continuing into 2021. For both continued COVID-19 containment and recovery purposes, mobile access to most business intelligence systems including WFM applications is a must-have. Furthermore, this continued need also indicates that minimal access to basic WFM functions via a mobile platform is no longer the answer. To navigate continued challenging business conditions and optimize recovery chances, organizational leaders need real-time, comprehensive WFM data and employees need the full functionality available in a robust WFM system via mobile devices. For example:

1. All employees need remote, mobile access to timecard and shift information.

2. Managers need accurate, at-a-glance data to help them make quick but informed decisions while away from their desks.

3. Data from payroll, benefit, and other related systems should be available as well.

Leveraging Built-in WFM Mobility

The answer to this need is to engage mobile-ready technology embedded into your existing WFM environment – or upgrade to a WFM application that offers built-in, robust mobile platforms. UKG/Kronos programs, for example, include mobile device functionality out of the box. The latest iteration of Workforce Dimensions provides very similar functionality in their mobile version to what is offered in the desktop user experience.

But as with all important systems, the devil is in the details. When not properly engineered, even integrated “mobilized” WFM solutions often fail to:

1. Provide simple, accurate timecards (hours worked, next shift).

2. Deliver real-time synchronization between payroll and benefits systems.

3. Present clear, relevant information at a glance.

4. Be stable and secure.

5. Integrate well with 3rd party or ERP systems (VoIP, Customer Service modules).

The WFC Group offers a Team of WFM Specialists who have both deep and broad experience in helping Clients reap speed, accuracy, security, and a productive user experience from their WFM solutions, including mobile applications. We understand how to optimize your business processes and synthesize your WFM design and output for mobility, agility, and sustainability. Contact us today for more information on how you can leverage mobile platforms with your WFM solution to support your 2021 recovery.

Don’t forget, we will be hosting a free training webinar for thousands of WFM users and managers to help them get on the right footing for an agile response to market opportunities later this month.

Thank you for reading.

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