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Our Top Workforce Management Themes to Keep Watching From 2019

Posted by Neil Shah on Jan 7, 2020 11:30:00 AM


Happy New Year, from your team at The WFC Group. As we look ahead to 2020, we're also taking stock of what topics drew a lot of interest over the past year and are likely to influence workforce management efforts over the year to come. 

Here are a few of the key themes workforce managers sought information on last year that we anticipate will continue to be of high importance or concern.

Empowering Remote Workforces Through Technology

Process automation, especially for both menial and high-security administrative tasks, has been an area of great advancement in just the past few years. Artificial intelligence is helping employees and their managers stay productive and proactive in building stronger employer relationships, especially between those not onsite together. Our post on The Power of AI in Managing Remote Workforces drew the interest of many readers.

Similarly, with recent legislation being introduced to reinforce worker classifications, the roles of freelancers and gig workers are high on employers minds. We view cloud-based workforce management solutions as the key to keeping independent contractors connected and working within the bounds of regional legislative demands.

Scalability & Accountability Across Industries

The solutions we recommend are often tailored to our clients' industries, but that doesn't mean their goals are all that different from each other. Workforce leaders from the public sector to retail and hospitality all are looking for the benefits of a streamlined HCM package, from productive gains in better scheduling to more data visibility to empower employees and managers alike.

One common question we receive across many industries is how an organization is meant to decide between offerings like the dependable Kronos Workforce Central and the advanced Workforce Dimensions. That answer really comes down to unique business needs and goals, but we've shared some thought-starters on how to get that conversation going internally.

Solution Partnerships

In early 2019, we revealed our new partnership with SAP, whose SuccessFactors solution offering builds on the Kronos Workforce solutions we're already so familiar with. We expect to see more of these cross-platform collaborations, from the technology partners that help Kronos Workforce Dimensions expand its possibilities to the custom combinations and integrations that we uncover to best suit our clients' needs. 

The Final Days of Flash

Solution providers have been anticipating the decline of Flash as a media plugin for a few years now, so they've subtly been making their latest offerings Flash-free. Companies that rely on older versions of workforce management solutions may find themselves under pressure to upgrade or migrate before the year is done in order to preserve functionality and overall productivity.

What's On Your 2020 Radar?

Do you know any trends you expect to see carry through or find new resolutions in the new year? And do any of the above spark an interest in how your workforce management solution can better serve you? Let us know! We want to hear what matters most to you.

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