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Simple Changes for a Better 2021 Recovery via WFM

Posted by Michael Turner on Jan 19, 2021 10:30:00 AM

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This year’s business returns will stem from simple, fundamental adjustments to the way business is conducted. Workforce Management (WFM) tools offer strategic value to this objective. They provide a single point of influence to affect both employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Recovery in 2021 will come to the organizations who optimize and leverage their WFM assets. Get your WFM to where it needs to be faster and with less risk.

Sometimes the simplest business solutions come from reducing errors while navigating technical complexities.

Solid growth depends on more than just simple progress. It also depends on avoiding simple problems. In business, as in life, the silly problems come from simple mistakes. Even the most sophisticated and extensive WFM struggles to keep up with the recent workforce transformation. The pandemic has exposed or lead to business problems brought by common deficiencies such as:

  • Inaccessible employee access to mobile or remote scheduling and time-card entry.
  • Delayed and inaccurate payroll or administrative reports.
  • Buggy app integrations.
  • Attractive – but shallow – dashboards and KPIs.


    The solutions to these problems are straightforward. They simply require a proper grasp of key WFM optimization principles and a practical understanding of how to implement them. Modernizing WFM involves putting those two advantages to work.

    Moving Ahead of Workforce Transformation with New WFM Technologies

    Better integration between organic and inorganic business assets is a key recovery tactic. WFM innovation is helping clients to bridge gaps between their people and their opportunities. For example, WFM advances make it much easier to establish productive engagement between employees and customers by optimizing the technology “at contact.” The technology is designed to support human development that, in turn, drives business growth.
  • Well-engineered WFM helps to achieve a solid platform for business growth via:
  • Superior interfaces to important business technology platforms,
  • Customizable reports and business intelligence widgets,
  • Artificial Intelligence engines for real-time, relevant priority notifications

Some of these capabilities may require a migration to a new platform or version of your WFM software. Others will not. You may find that all you need is just a little help in a specific area of configuration. No matter the business or use case, The WFC Group stands ready to help perfect WFM implementations for greater client achievement.

Do you suspect there are gaps – or opportunities – trapped within your WFM?

Next month we will be hosting a show-and-tell webinar to thousands of HR and IS/IT people wanting to support their organizations’ recovery from the Pandemic of 2020. Our mission is to give them what they need to take meaningful action, quickly.

Learn Workforce Management tips and techniques you can use to support your 2021 growth objective. See practical ways you can maximize profit and productivity by optimizing your WFM solution.

Thank you for reading.

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