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Solve Your Kronos Flash Problem Now with WFC Group’s Fast-Track Solution

Michael Turner - Director of Strategic Initiatives
Posted by Michael Turner - Director of Strategic Initiatives on Dec 1, 2020 1:14:28 PM

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Flash-based content inside your Kronos application will be blocked from running in Adobe Flash Player January 1. Talk about a headache the morning after. Forego that pain with a short-term, quick fix from The WFC Group.

We were blown away by the participation at November’s virtual UKG Works conference, particularly by how many big players are still running Flash in their Workforce Management environments. This is a massive risk, and not just to the HR department. When Flash is blocked from working inside Kronos 8.1.2 or earlier, critical business operations are in jeopardy. Significant reputational risk is also brought to those organizations for it advertises a weakness to every employee, contractor, and vendor who uses it. A dark WFM brought by technology deprecated in 2017 invites bad publicity.

Flash-based content will be blocked from running Adobe Flash Player after 12/31/2020.

– Source: Adobe

Kronos upgrades are no longer a viable option to eliminating the risk. Kronos updates are unlikely to be completed inside of six weeks.

However, there is a window of opportunity, a small one, to solve the immediate problem. For some time WFC Group has offered a temporary solution based on an Enterprise license of the Harman Brower, to buy some time until the proper Kronos upgrade can happen. We have designed it to minimize the impact and security risk brought by Flash Player’s EOL.

Harman’s exclusive arrangement with Adobe allows organizations to choose the most appropriate time for upgrading to systems no longer utilizing the deprecated Adobe Flash technology. The WFC Group has arranged to include special customizations unique to Kronos Workforce Central users for a small fee. In addition to the 1-yr enterprise license for a well-qualified and quality browser, we package a total of 15 hours of implementation and product support.

There is still time to stand up this solution, but you must act quickly. For our part, we likely can instantiate a customized Harman Browser solution in a few days – if we have a heads-up. We make this offer to those first in line but are very eager to be as helpful to as many as need to overcome the threat of a “dark” WFM environment in January.

Reach out to us immediately to get the only resolution to the Kronos Flash EOL problem before the end of the year. Click here to review our Harman Browser documentation or use the contact form and include the word “FLASH” in the message box to move your request to the top of our Inbox.

You could bet the company that Flash Player EOL is no big deal.
You don’t have to.

By the way, if your organization has moved beyond 8.1.2 to a 8.1.3 service pack or later, your WFM is most likely not at risk because of an upgrade timeline. Do give us a call if your organization has other pressing need of upgrade or migration assistance. We have built a business by adding value to thousands of WFM deployments.

Be assured of our best wish for your continued success.

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