Speedy Workforce Solution Deployments: Paragon Method is Paramount

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Finding the perfect workforce configuration is sometimes a weeks or months-long process, often preceding full-on implementation — another time consuming effort. With the rise of Cloud-based systems, Kronos developed a way to deliver baseline solutions faster based on decades of observation and implementation across businesses’ usual representative needs by industry.

The Paragon Implementation approach offers companies a faster time to value on solutions when they know their workforce management needs are likely similar to industry standards. There will be a session on this topic at KronosWorks in a couple weeks (we’ll be there exhibiting). But in the meantime, here’s a quick crash course on how Paragon Implementation gives businesses a jump-start with Kronos workforce management.

Leverage Common Learnings

Kronos’s Paragon Implementation Methodology is built on decades of observation and configuration. It takes into consideration all of the modules and settings typically adopted by businesses in a shared sector, creating a booster “suite” of recommended solutions to implement. It adds an element of certainty or assuredness to an implementation that shifts decision-making to matters of how best to optimize instead.

The gist: If it works for other similar businesses, it could be a great way to start for yours. It saves time and effort in the upfront, while giving you the opportunity to adapt after the foundation is laid.

Systems Up and Running in Days

Adopting workforce management through a Paragon approach helps get systems in place, limiting the burden and disruption for your teams. You’ll get a set of solutions that have proven useful to similar businesses, support in getting teams on board and the opportunity to shift focus on how to mold the solutions to your best advantage. It’s similar to the approach mobile app developers take — delivering the foundation for service first, and adding the idealized bells and whistles after.

Adapt and Optimize

The advantage of Kronos workforce solutions are their configurability and customizability to suit a whole manger of unique business needs. While some businesses would rather have the details worked out before implementing a complete solution, others understand the benefits of having a working solution in place and optimizing to their changing needs after. We’ve been happy to work with clients on both ends of the spectrum, and we understand the advantages of both.

If you’ll be at KronosWorks, we hope to see you at our booth (#605) where we’ll be hosting consultations and giving away a $500 Southwest gift card. Schedule a session with our industry experts to discuss your unique workforce management challenges and needs.

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