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The House Always Wins: Casinos Benefit From Smart Workforce Solutions

Posted by Neil Shah on Jun 13, 2017 11:30:00 AM


Let the good times roll — and make sure your enterprise is at the top of its employment game with comprehensive workforce management. WFM tools can help you balance customer demand and control costs, all while continuing to deliver the highest quality guest service and entertainment value.

Playing Fair: Compliance at Every Level

Gaming and entertainment businesses can easily prevent policy infractions given the right tools - from honoring overtime regulations to proper tip reporting and adhering to Game Board requirements. A reliable workforce management system will be indicate when there's a risk of being noncompliant in staffing, scheduling and more, lending greater visibility around areas to consider for operational improvement.

Monitoring Allocation & Productivity

When you have the tools to make volume-driven decisions, you can oversee the proper allocation of staff across the floor or between facilities to deliver high-entertainment value where it's needed most: where the patrons are. Crucial platforms like Workforce Task Management (Kronos Workforce Central Suite) can streamline communications between management and floor staff, and analytics projections can help supervisors prevent staffing overages or shortages. These advantages also build accountability at all levels for delivering excellent guest service overall.

Hiring Top Talent & Curtailing Turnover

Entertainment, gaming and related hospitality organizations experience turnover rates as high as 80%. That's quite a big wave to keep up with, and continually bringing in and training new talent comes with a heavy price tag. Proactively engaging employees based on performance data can help reinforce their sense of value to the organization. Additionally, offering employees greater flexibility around scheduling input can maintain the necessary balance to keep them happy to play a part in your business. Strong workforce management systems can keep these ideals manageable and realistic.

That's what workforce management solutions like Kronos do — help you run an even tighter house so the fun and games can continue to thrive. We're always happy to discuss how Kronos can further benefit your entertainment, hospitality or retail organization. Contact The WFC Group to speak with one of our experts about your business's specific situation and goals.

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