The Internet of Things is One Key to Empowering Your Workforce

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When Benjamin Franklin so eloquently surmised life's two certainties — death and taxes — he never could have imagined today's third inevitability. The Internet of Things is our new reality, with every object imaginable becoming "connected" via WiFi and producing new data streams, and businesses everywhere are faced with the challenge to adapt — both in our external customer relations and internally how we engage our workforce. With so many new sources of connectivity, it's up to business leaders to identify which sources offer the most value to how their businesses optimizes for greater productivity and employee empowerment.

Data, Data Everywhere...

...And little time to stop and think. In just a few years we could have as many as 70 billion devices streaming some form of information. That's a lot to process — but how much of it has any importance to your business? Or rather, we suggest considering which opportunities you are not currently measuring to your advantage. Your employees are already creating and analyzing their own data in the form of steps on Fitbits and mobile banking on their smartphones. In the age of "Bring Your Own Device" workplaces, how do these personal tools play a role in your IT infrastructure beyond greater email accessibility? Our team of experts can help you identify meaningful data streams as it relates to your workforce across available technology touch points.

Using Connections Efficiently to Improve Your Bottom Line

The real opportunity with a well-connected system of digital tools and smart devices is greater efficiency around otherwise time-consuming tasks. When your employees can cut out disruptive administrative processes and oversight can be streamlined, there are fewer obstacles to getting work done. Workforce management solutions like Kronos offer ways to automate processes, reports and key alerts for compliance or health issues, saving employees and their managers time. The addition of mobile workforce solutions can put power in employees hands for timekeeping, expense reporting and scheduling requests securely from their own devices. Critical analytics around productivity, inventory and more can be measured with greater depth, providing a better understanding of where efficiencies can be made overall.

Start With Easy Wins

Now it's no longer a matter of preparing for the Internet of Things, because it's here and only growing. Consult your IT professionals and key managers about current infrastructure and employee experience. Is your policy toward employee's personal devices prohibitive and outdated? Are simple scheduling adjustments a hassle for managers when approvals could be more automated? And are there any compliance issues arising that could have easily been prevented with a management program prepared to flag anything out of the ordinary?

We certainly have solutions for all of these and are happy to asses additional opportunities for greater productivity, improved employee engagement and a stronger bottom line. Do no hesitate to reach out!

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