The Key to Handling Workforce Absences Like A Pro

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There's a lot of truth in the saying "showing up is half the battle." As human resources and workforce managers, making sure you're achieving peak productivity with proper staffing is a major concern. You need people in the right place at all times and the ability to adjust and adapt quickly for both planned and unplanned absences. At the same time, today's highly capable workforce anticipates personal flexibility, compassion and understanding when it's needed most. Achieving all of this comes down to having the proper tools in place.

Integrate Absence Management to Timekeeping

When your absence management solutions are tied directly to timekeeping, it's easier to identify problems like tardiness and rampant no-shows both historically and in real-time. Integrated solutions like with Kronos can help with automated documentation and alerts. Once identified, it's easy to address problems with attendance patterns directly and to proactively mitigate costs or lost productivity before they happen.

HR Agility Preserves Productivity

One of the main advantages to a comprehensive absence management solution is the ability to react quickly in real-time. You can always expect the unexpected will happen, and having the ability to adapt rapidly is the difference between your team's productivity sinking or swimming. Whether you need to shuffle staff, schedules or make an entirely new game plan, any degree of added lead-time to a solution works to your benefit.


Not enough can be said about making sure managers prevent further cost to absences by over-correcting. Solutions like Kronos Absence Management can help keep labor laws and agreements in clear focus so managers can administer leave fairly. These important tools can also make complex tasks like determining FMLA leave eligibility more streamlined.

Having the upper hand in planned and unplanned absences is crucial to maintaining great productivity — so don't get caught MIA at KronosWorks in a couple weeks! Our industry specialists will be available to meet and discuss workforce management, productivity and engagement at booth #605 throughout the conference, so reserve your consultation at KronosWorks today, or reach out anytime through our contact page. We're always standing by to help you make the most of your workforce management solutions.

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