The Single Most Urgent Verification for All Kronos Workforce Central Customers

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As July draws to a close, time is running short for Kronos Workforce Central customers to verify one crucial and necessary piece of information. This verification only affects customers operating Workforce Central on-premise, so if you are running Workforce Central in the cloud, fret not.

Unfortunately, many on-premise Workforce Central customers have not yet taken steps to ensure their solution meets the minimum standards set by the upcoming discontinuation of Adobe Flash. And with only five months left to do so, now is the time to implement a change or secure last-minute update support if needed. Otherwise, these customers risk losing certain functions when Flash support officially ends.

Identify Your Workforce Central Version Today

The single most urgent verification for all Kronos Workforce Central customers is to identify their version of Kronos Workforce Central. The Workforce Central version number is the determining factor for the solution to already operate Flash-free or if an update, upgrade, or migration is necessary to preserve your solution and its benefits.

Workforce Central v8.1 and up

You are in good shape. Make sure you have run the latest service pack. Version 8.1.3 replaced most Flash components with HTML, so implementing the service pack to bring your system up to version 8.1.6 or 8.1.7 will complete the full Flash-to-HTML migration. Anything earlier than 8.1.3 still features Flash components and will require the latest service pack.

Any Version Below Workforce Central v8.1

Your solution requires an update before December 31st, 2020, to ensure its continued success. Available options include upgrading to Workforce Central version 8.1.6 or above, migrating to Workforce Central in the cloud, or migrating to Workforce Dimensions. 

Why Is This Happening Now?

It is important to recognize that this is not a shift initiated by Kronos alone. Rather, the discontinuation of Flash was a decision made by Adobe and the global tech community, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and more. With the rise of more efficient and secure alternatives to the Flash plugin, standards for media encoding have increased, so Flash is now obsolete. 

As Flash software support ends, all technologies that maintain Flash media integrations will run the risk of both losing rich media functionality and pose a growing security threat.

Need Help Determining Your Version?

The Workforce Consulting Group is ready to help identify your version of Kronos Workforce Central and determine the direction best suited for your continued workforce management needs. Reach out today to connect directly with a member of our team who can guide you through the necessary changes to get you to where you need to be in time for the new, Flash-free year.

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