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The Workforce Consulting Engine: Driving Effective Workforce Management Solutions

Warren McCrea
Posted by Warren McCrea on Nov 24, 2020 11:07:14 AM











The WFC Group is very excited to introduce a significant transformation to enterprise Workforce Management solutions. Our Workforce Consulting Engine brings a comprehensive approach to each Workforce Management (WFM) use case. By integrating innovative Change Management, Software Evaluation, Implementation, Training, Testing, and Comprehensive Support services and Staff Augmentation, we are able to partner with our Clients to achieve their strategic goals and tactical demands to ensure increased return on their WFM investments.

“This change in deployment is an organic evolution of our Listen, Adapt, Deliver business model,” states Neil Shah, President and CEO. “We have grown to the point, both as a company and as an industry, where large-scale WFM challenges are best addressed in a more granular yet comprehensive approach. This allows us to be both sensitive and responsive to the varied needs of our Clients.”

Drive Value and Results to Change Your World

Organizations face big decisions when upgrading or migrating WFM solutions. How can innovation be applied to workforce technology to yield the highest levels of efficiency and productivity? How can those results be achieved quickly and with minimal disruption to ongoing business processes? What else can be done to create effective user adoption so WFM technology applications are utilized to their full potential?

The answers to these questions and their subsequent application to real-world environments require the expertise of WFM Specialists who understand the best practices and related interplay of key WFM disciplines. Recognizing this led The WFC Group to create our Workforce Consulting Engine, a modular but holistic approach to bringing needed WFM expertise to an ever-growing, ever-evolving market.

Change Management

Change Management is one of the key drivers to successful WFM solutions. Simply-stated, user adoption can make or break a million-dollar WFM investment. The WFC Group employs a proven system of communication, training, and verification to quickly establish and maintain effective user adoption to ensure achievement of the WFM solution’s value proposition and ROI.

Even when change is managed well and user adoption is high, a WFM software solution must be capable of meeting the comprehensive and progressive needs of an organization. Software solutions should enhance business processes, not dictate them. By partnering with WFM Specialists like The WFC Group for tailored Software Evaluations, Clients benefit from established expertise and informed guidance in making decisions related to keeping a current software application or choosing a new solution.


When new software solutions are necessary, successful Implementation is vital. The WFC Group brings both strategic and tactical capabilities to every implementation, no matter the scope or complexity of the project. This allows us effectively guide Clients through every project stage, from Discovery to Go-Live, to ensure long-term success.

Training & Testing

Sound, practical Training is an important part of user adoption and empowerment. Whether Clients need end user training, SME training or both, The WFC Group specializes in effective Training creation and delivery. In addition, we provide Testing services to ensure that WFM software solutions are fully integrated, efficient contributors to the overall business technology and information services environment.

Managed Services and Staff Augmentation

Once WFM software applications are in place, continued optimization and support are required to drive delivery of long-term gains. By providing targeted Managed Services, The WFC Group can equip each Client to focus on their core business needs while leveraging the efficiency and productivity of supported Client Advisory Services, Workforce Metrics and Analysis, Application Services, and Help Desk Services. We can even provide staff augmentation services to ensure each Client has the expertise and support they need for the lifecycle of their WFM solution.

The WFC Group is excited to offer precisely what WFM Clients need most - dedicated resources and solutions for WFM challenges. By leveraging our Workforce Consulting Engine, we can help Clients change their worlds by delivering an employee experience that drives innovation and results.

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