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Three Opportunities to Improve Your Workforce Management Solution With Expert Support

Posted by Neil Shah on Mar 3, 2020 10:45:00 AM

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You already know the massive operational benefits workforce management solutions provide. You've seen the productive potential, but there's a little voice in the back of your head saying your business's full potential is not yet met. To realize that potential, you're likely to consider one of two choices: 1. Implement a totally new workforce management solution, or 2. Work with what you've got to make it even better.

Whether you're looking for an expert perspective on which works best for you or simply seeking validation for your keen instincts, the path to better solutions is best not traveled alone. For instance, many employers lean on a partner like The WFC Group to bring on temporary help who can lead the charge through staff augmentation.

An extra set of expert hands-on-deck make getting the most out of your solution all the more achievable at three key stages:

1. Before Implementation: Planning and Preparation

Between deciding which new solution is right for you and putting a plan in motion, having an expert ear to bend can help guide your decisions in the right direction. In the early stages, an implementation partner can also identify efficiencies and navigate customizations upfront, helping you realize more benefits right from launch. This can be especially helpful when you want newer solutions to mesh well with active solutions you will continue to use. 

Having one of our staff on hand during your planning stages is a proactive measure designed to help you set realistic expectations. When the path to your goal is well-informed, realizing the end benefits comes quicker and easier. 

2. During Implementation: Configuring Your Solution From the Inside

Your implementation is set to begin, but who will you choose to take charge? Is anyone on staff already deeply familiar with the solution you plan to implement? How much do your IT and HR departments already have on their plates? This is your opportunity to delegate to someone with deep platform knowledge and the innate ability to bridge IT, HR and other key management with ease.

We partner experts with clients on-site to lift the burden on internal resources whose focus should remain on productive tasks that grow your business. This way, we can work closely with leaders to fine-tune their solution while we set it up, answering important questions along the way.

3. Anytime After Implementation: Training and Optimization

Although we all wish hitting "Launch" is the final solution to our problems, realistically there's still work to be done. As employees begin to integrate into your new system, they'll likely have questions or encounter some friction. Tapping one of our experts to sit onsite with your staff following launch provides for quick answers, proactive problem solving, and additional on-demand employee training. 

In cases where you are simply looking to improve the current solutions you have in play, staff augmentation can still shift the burden of optimization off of employees and onto people whose main responsibility is to give you the best solution possible.

Ready to Make Your Workforce Management Work Harder for You?

Tap into the power of temporary experts on staff with staff augmentation. Our experience is yours for the duration of your need, whether for a few weeks or a few months. We know that every situation is unique, so this onsite commitment ensures our team can understand your challenges and needs to the fullest, for a solution that's custom configured to you. Take the first step toward powering up your implementation team by enquiring about staff augmentation today.

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