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Three Reasons It’s Time to Move to a SaaS Model

Chrissy Kozey
Posted by Chrissy Kozey on Mar 9, 2021 10:45:00 AM

Three Reasons It's Time To Move To a SAAS Model










More than half of all organizations globally are expected to adopt all-cloud workforce management strategies by this year. Why? Because the workforce is changing. Employees today want flexibility and engagement. They want to be part of the solution, not just part of the herd.

As the workforce changes, so must technologies if companies hope to attract, retain, and optimize the level of talent that’s critical for market competitiveness—especially considering the rise of the gig economy and the work-from-home culture that’s expected to hang on post-COVID. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model responds to the demands of the evolving workforce. 

UKG Dimensions utilizes a SaaS delivery model that consists of workforce management applications and software delivered to companies by way of the internet. Dimensions covers time, attendance, leave, advanced scheduling, analytics, AI, and the list goes on. And, the best part? All of this happens on a single platform. Put away your spreadsheets, folks. Here are three reasons it’s time to level up to the cloud.

    1. 1. Simplicity

    As businesses grow and become more complex, it becomes impossible to manage a workforce and track critical data with traditional systems. The old way of business includes multiple vendors, disconnected data, and little integration. 

    Dimensions is a unified platform that provides intelligent, intuitive recommendations for employees and managers while seamlessly facilitating workflow. And—perhaps best of all— when you adopt a SaaS model, you’ll never have to install and run software again. 

    1. 2. Affordability

  1. With Dimensions, companies pay a month-to-month subscription fee. Are you staffing up for the holidays? Pay a little more. Coming up on a slow season? Pay a little less.

    Another huge bonus is that adopting a SaaS model automates maintenance and updates. And, that’s a big deal. Based on a study conducted by Kenny and Company, 80% of IT spending is on maintenance

    1. 3. Peace of Mind
  2. Finally, Dimensions offers something priceless—a weight off of a manager’s mental load. The cloud handles disaster recovery, risk-assessment, backup, and proactive compliance. 

    Dimensions is a highly configurable system with customizable features to meet your business’s complex needs. When the cloud handles workflow, managers can focus on what’s most important—employees and customers.

    Dimensions is a modern alternative to rigid, traditional systems that may be limiting your organization’s growth. The Workforce Consulting Group provides tailored solutions and support for companies currently using or looking to UKG Dimensions. We listen to your needs, adapt your services, and deliver world-class results. Contact us today to speak with a SaaS expert. 

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