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Three Reasons Why Training Will Make or Break Your HCM Software Investment.

Michael Turner - Director of Strategic Initiatives
Posted by Michael Turner - Director of Strategic Initiatives on Oct 13, 2021 11:00:00 AM

Blog-Three Reasons Why Training Will Make or Break Your HCM Software Investment.

Most companies understand that training is an essential part of the employment experience. Reskilling or upskilling workers is a major emphasis for employers in a labor market where competition is fierce and talent is short. However, when it comes to major business ventures such as implementing new software, training users is often not given the time and attention needed to make it truly effective. That trend poses significant risk to the organization because user training will either make or break your software investment for these three reasons:

Reason #1: Training Nets User Adoption

The Standish Group found that only 16.2% of IT implementation projects are successful. This is a ridiculously low number when one considers the average cost of a software implementation is between $150,000 and $750,000 for medium-sized businesses! Why does this happen? One of the primary causes for implementation project failure is a lack of user adoption. When system users are not involved in an implementation project, they simply tend to not adopt the software – people do not accept what they do not understand. Conversely, when users feel comfortable with an implementation and their own knowledge around using the new system, adoption rates are high, and the company nets its return on investment. This is why successful implementation projects include excellent user training as an essential component of their integrated Change Management approach.

Without effective user training and its corresponding increased user adoption, you may successfully implement the system, but you will unfortunately never successfully use the system to its fullest potential. This results in lost productivity, cash, and time.

Reason #2: Training is “One-Size Fits All”

Even when implementation project leaders understand and plan for the importance of excellent user training, they sometimes still miss the mark. For example, they often make said training “mandatory” - with all of the warm and fuzzy connotations that this requirement tends to bring. If the goal is to convince people that this software is easy to use and able to make their lives better, surely there is a better way to start the conversation than “mandatory.” Instead, create ambassadors to generate excitement around the training opportunities, offer prizes and create competitions around learning objectives, etc. While it is true that there are some things we just have to do, the key is to make people want to do it by showing the value it offers them.

Second, training is often done in only one medium - classroom, virtual, on-demand, etc. – and in one timeframe. We all know that people learn best in different ways and through repeated exposure. Why do our training plans for something as important as a major software implementation not account for this? Training should not be one-size fits all. Break it up into micro-trainings, offer classroom and virtual on-demand options, provide work instructions and user guides, and don’t stop with just one exposure prior to Go-Live. In fact, just-in-time learning is forecasted to the be the future of HR technical training.

Reason #3: Training Stops at Implementation

You successfully implemented your new software solution and are enjoying great user adoption results…and then 10% of your workforce leaves because that is the labor market we operate in, and you have to hire replacements. Perhaps you have onboarding training covered but you need to create new superusers or generally move your current users into a higher level of understanding and sophistication with your software. Clearly, software training aimed at effective user adoption cannot cease once Go-Live occurs. Companies who gain a true ROI on their software investments understand that they must foster on-going adoption through on-going training.

Let Experts Handle Your HCM Training Needs to Save You Time and Money

As a certified partner to UKG and SAP SuccessFactors, The WFC Group has been implementing and optimizing HCM software for over ten years. We know firsthand the criticality of effective user training to the success and ROI of your software investment. We specialize in working with you to create and execute tailored training in a variety of formats to ensure your users fully adopt and utilize your HCM solution, thereby saving you time and money. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you leverage training solutions to make your software investment work for you.

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