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Three Trends to Expect From Workforce Management in 2020

Posted by Neil Shah on Dec 31, 2019 11:45:00 AM

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Happy New Year, from the team at The WFC Group. As we go about refreshing our calendars and pocket planners, we're thinking ahead to what 2020 has in store for workforce management customers at large.
The changes to come are likely to affect organizations differently, but keeping them on the radar should hopefully help customers and administrators prepare to adapt. 

1.) Continued Improvements to Kronos Workforce Dimensions

It's been an exciting two years already for Workforce Dimensions, and the improvements and helpful changes are sure to keep on coming. Whether you're planning to make the move to, currently implementing, or actively using Dimensions already, it may be a huge help to have a platform expert onsite for helping optimize your Dimensions utilization. Through our staff augmentation services, we can help alleviate the burden on your internal resources to figure out the best course of action to fulfill your workforce management needs (known and newly observed) as well as prepare for and roll with the new platform changes as soon as they take effect.

2.) The End of Flash = The Beginning of a Huge Wave of WFM Migrations and Upgrades

Workforce management companies have been preparing for the discontinuation of Adobe Flash, but customers who rely on earlier product iterations may be scrambling to retain functionality, resulting in the need to upgrade or migrate their solutions. Newer solutions like Workforce Dimensions are Flash-free by design, and Workforce Central versions from 8.1.3 on have now also ditched Flash. 

If you're not sure whether upgrading or migrating solutions is the best solution for you or want to learn more about the impact of killing off Flash (and why this is a good thing), please check out our earlier post on the subject.

3.) The Search for Tech to Support On-boarding and Employee Development

Pressures to find and retain top talent will be stronger than ever toward filling skilled tech roles, requiring organizations to reexamine both on-boarding and retraining procedures. Workforce tech will be a focal point in setting the stage to meet the growing demand for staff who may need on-the-job training or swift development plans to take on crucial new roles that simply cannot be met through limited educational programs falling behind on evolving industry demands outside of the workplace.

Concerned If These Trends Affect You?

Fret not! We're happy to talk through your current status, needs, and goals to determine if your currently charted course is headed in the right direction. Reach out to speak with one of our knowledgeable workforce management consultants for deeper insight into what 2020 might have in store for you.

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