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Time for a WFM/HCM System Update? Don't Overlook Workforce Central 8.1!

Posted by Neil Shah on Dec 3, 2019 11:45:00 AM

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Throughout this year's KronosWorks event, one of the biggest concerns we heard was what upgrade options are still on the table for businesses preparing to catch up. Even with all the buzz around Workforce Dimensions, it's worth reminding everyone that Kronos is also making huge strides with its other trusted offerings like Workforce Central. 

Over the coming year, upgrading or migrating from legacy HCM solutions across many providers will become necessary as Adobe's Flash software plugin becomes discontinued (look forward to our blog on why this is a good thing in a couple weeks). Being a mobile-first platform, Workforce Dimensions has already been designed to run without Flash. Now, Workforce Central is also on the flash-free train starting with version 8.1.

To Migrate or Upgrade?

For existing Kronos customers, the question now becomes to upgrade existing systems or to migrate to cutting-edge Dimensions. Kronos has primed Dimensions to ease customers' data transfer with around 75% direct data importability, but it's important to put the realities of your business needs into perspective before making the leap. Ultimately, the decision will come down to your answers to key questions that a discussion with our team can help provide more context to. 

  • What are your current workforce management needs, and do your current solutions meet them?
  • Are your current investments costing you more than you know do to redundant or unused features, suggesting a more centrally consolidated solution?
  • Do your current systems provide ample support for your anticipated needs and goals over the coming 1, 5, or 10 years? (Or does migrating to a more robust solution sooner make the most sense?)
  • Are the added benefits, features, and capabilities of Dimensions applicable to your vision?
  • Or does further customization of solutions offer you the greatest opportunity?

The Answer is Different for Everyone. We Can Help!

Real talk: paying for only as much as you need is everyone's goal — and figuring out what's needed is not a battle we recommend fighting alone. We make it our responsibility to ask the tough questions that lead to clearer customized recommendations.

As Kronos partners, we're steeped in knowledge about each of their platform offerings and their applicability to businesses' unique needs. Kronos trusts partners like us to help customers receive the best product experience and overall satisfaction. 

We're here to give you the attention your needs deserve, so let's find your answers together. Reach out today to connect with our workforce management experts about the right path for you.

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