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Time Is Running Out for Your Flash-Free Kronos Upgrade – Secure Last-Minute Support Now!

Melinda Yarger
Posted by Melinda Yarger on Sep 15, 2020 3:09:20 PM

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Three weeks is all that remains to ensure you have the resources and support for your Flash-free Kronos Workforce upgrade. Past that point, there is no guaranteed support to meet Adobe's Flash shut-off deadline, and you may find your business starting the new year already at a disadvantage.

On January 1st, 2021, Adobe will pull the plug on its Flash software plugin, rendering older software solutions with Flash integrations at risk of losing functionality. Any businesses still using these outdated solutions will find themselves at a growing risk of lost feature benefits and declining data security. 

Organizations seeking support for ensuring their Kronos Workforce solutions are Flash-free before January 1st must do so by early October 2020. The demand for support is high and, resources are limited. The time to complete a Flash-free Kronos implementation can range from a couple of weeks to a few months depending on your current setup and whether you need a small service patch, upgrade, or full solution migration.

Kronos is working closely with service partners like The Workforce Consulting Group to meet upgrade demand. Still the only way to ensure you have the resources to transition in time is to reach out and secure support before October begins. 

Here's the Breakdown

In summary:

1: Twelve workweeks remain in the year.

  1. 2: Completing a Flash-free transition can take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months, depending on your current setup.
  3. 3: Only three weeks remain to line-up our implementation support for meeting the January 1st deadline.
  5. 4: Any support secured later than early October may not find the resources to finish in time for January 1, rendering solutions and productivity at risk.
  7. 5: Now may also present the right opportunity to migrate up to the Kronos Workforce Dimensions platform.

Secure the support you need to implement a Flash-free workforce solution in time for the new year. Reach out today to schedule a consultation so we can help you determine the right plan for your company's needs and lock down the resources necessary to deliver in time. Let us help you be ready to kick off the new year with a strong note.

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