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Simple Changes for a Better 2021 Recovery via WFM










This year’s business returns will stem from simple, fundamental adjustments to the way business is...

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2021 Recovery By Numbers










Revenue lost during 2020 must be recovered. Improving the WFM can help managers optimize their...

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Why I Love The WFC Group










Why would employees say they love their employers these days? What part of WFM drives that?


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The Workforce Consulting Engine: Driving Effective Workforce Management Solutions










The WFC Group is very excited to introduce a significant transformation to enterprise Workforce...

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We Are Gearing up for the First (All-Digital) UKG Works Conference










Our (new!) favorite event of the year will take place in just a few short weeks! November 18-19,...

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Customize UKG to work your way with The WFC Group










Some very large companies spend millions of dollars to convince the market they are different and...

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Migrating From UKG Workforce Central to UKG Dimensions?










UKG Dimensions (formerly Kronos Workforce Dimensions) has drawn increasing interest over the past...

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3 Ways Retailers Can Champion Employee Safety During The Holiday Shopping Season










The 2020 Black Friday shopping season will be unlike any we have seen before due to the ongoing...

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So, Kronos and Ultimate Software Have Become UKG — Now What?









Now that Kronos and Ultimate Software have officially rebranded as Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), ...

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