Uncover New Tools for Hiring and Managing High-Performing Talent

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Not enough can be said for the incredible value created by both hiring the right people and keeping them at the top of their game. Talent can go a long way to propel a business, but haphazard acquisition processes can result in extending an offer too late or they can drive talent away altogether.

Talent acquisition and performance management have long been important solutions included in the Kronos Workforce Ready suite. More so now, the recent introduction of dedicated applications for each solution promises even greater focus, innovation and efficiency for human resource managers. What's especially great is if you're already set up with Kronos Workforce Ready, these solutions are available to you right now.

Cut to the Talent Chase

The new, dedicated Kronos Workforce Ready Talent Acquisition module helps recruiters and talent managers unearth and usher in top candidates with more confidence. It will readily integrate with popular job boards and streamlines many processes human resources departments rely on, ensuring that the hiring efforts saved outweigh the small effort needed for implementation. The advantages that Kronos Workforce Talent Acquisition offers can ease the experience of candidates and managers alike:

  • Identify best-fit candidates to extend an offer more quickly (before they get snatched up by a competitor)
  • Automate screening processes and data consolidation while minimizing paper waste
  • Actively demonstrate a concern for applicants' experience with easier data entry capabilities and improved communications
  • Simplify hiring and onboarding processes with configurable dashboards to monitor statuses at a glance
  • Engage and prepare new hires for success from their first experiences on

Keeping Peak Performance Possible

Once you've got the right people in, keeping them actively engaged is the key to maximizing their productivity. Building on clear career paths and keeping employees eyes on their continued future at your company can do wonders for retention, saving you from more costly acquisition and onboarding. The new Kronos Workforce Ready Performance Management module offers a dedicated resource to support employee development and proactive leadership by managers (not reactive). Its comprehensive tools help keep employees at every level orientated on the same overall goal for your business's success while setting and managing individual goals for continued team improvement.

Ready for more Kronos Workforce Ready capabilities?

Whether you're already using Kronos Workforce Ready or are considering implementing it anew, our experienced team can help set you on the right path to taking every possible advantage from its suite of workforce management solutions. We're always ready to help maximize your Kronos experience. If you'd like to discuss the new Talent Acquisition and Performance Management modules or even more opportunities Kronos Workforce Ready provides, we're only a call away. Reach out, and we'd be happy to discuss what solutions are right for you.

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