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Up Next: The Kronos Retail & Hospitality Executive Summit

Posted by Neil Shah on May 16, 2017 11:30:00 AM

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Summit season is in full swing, and we're soaking up every second of it. Fresh off the heels of our sponsorship and attendance of the 2017 Kronos Manufacturing Executive Summit, we're now gearing up for a fresh look at the evolving state of workforce management for retail and hospitality at the 2017 Kronos Retail and Hospitality Executive Summit in Lake Tahoe, which we are attending and sponsoring. This year's summit is bound to be enlightening. Here are a few timely things we look forward to discussing next week.

Understanding Employee Diversity as a Competitive Strength

The multi-generational workforce is a hot topic this year, especially for the retail and hospitality industries. New entrants into the workforce are placing new expectations on employers, and employers are looking for ways to attract and effectively manage talent while answering these desires, like a clear path to grow and clear communication. Many of these asks relate to work flexibility and technology, both of which can be addressed with proper human capital management solutions. We look forward to sharing our experience and successes in scaling solutions across commercial enterprises.

Tying Workforce Management to Customer Service Success

Enhancing the customer experience is always a top priority for this sector, and achieving that has close ties to workforce management and engagement. When employees are happy and engaged, they're more likely to be productive and to advocate for a business. We've highlighted important ways to improve engagement, starting with workforce management infrastructures, giving employees reliable tools that don't disrupt their ability to do great work.

Looking Ahead: What's next for Kronos?

Few things get us more excited than learning what's next on the Kronos product roadmap. You can bet we'll be showing up for the sneak peek at what's to come. With so many customers already experiencing the advantages of a well-configured Kronos workforce management solution, the wonders of what each next advancement can do to take that to another level are always something we look forward to.

Will we see you at this year's Kronos Retail and Hospitality Executive Summit? Share with us some of your experiences, successes or frustrations with managing an evolving workforce.

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