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Watching the Clock for Labor Compliance: The Benefits of Attestation

Jim Wagner
Posted by Jim Wagner on Sep 17, 2020 9:14:09 AM

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Labor laws are getting pretty complex, but with the right tools in hand they can become much easier to navigate. One growing challenge for employers in some states is meeting requirements around timekeeping and break length minimums. Documentation and validation of compliance may seem like a hassle at first, but solutions such as the Kronos Attestation Toolkit can ease the process while benefitting employers and employees alike.

Attestation Solutions Provide Flexibility

Strong practices around time recording and validation don’t have to be disruptive to workflow. Many attestation solutions integrate across timekeeping terminals, web and mobile, making it easy for employees to adhere to and confirm legal break and meal time requirements. Managers gain real-time visibility to timekeeping and have the tools at their fingertips to approve or address concerns quickly.

Putting Protections in Place

Compliance solutions don’t just help employers deliver on their legal expectations. They also create a framework for businesses to stand up to scrutiny such as audits with ample documentation. Attestation solutions can help simplify the varying requirements for full and part-time employees, ensuring mandatory break and meal minimums are met before re-initiating work time entry. Requiring regular employee confirmation of compliance can also be streamlined for managerial approval.

Supporting Engagement and Productivity

No business leader would complain about a more engaged and productive workforce — and that’s definitely what they stand to gain from adhering to employee protections. By demonstrating a concern for adequate breaks and time to replenish, employers can offer more encouragement and help energize their workforce for doing their best work. Implementing a non-disruptive attestation solution can help keep employers and employees alike responsible while minimizing procedural burdens.

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