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We Are Gearing up for the First (All-Digital) UKG Works Conference

Posted by Neil Shah on Nov 10, 2020 10:30:00 AM

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Our (new!) favorite event of the year will take place in just a few short weeks! November 18-19, 2020, marks the first-ever UKG Works—the next evolution of what was previously called KronosWorks. This yearly event is one of the best opportunities for legacy Kronos Workforce Dimensions, Central, and Ready customers to get the latest news and plans for their workforce management solutions and connect with solutions experts and service partners from across all industries.

For the first time, UKG Works will be held entirely online, and registration is free (with an active UKG solutions ID). We're hoping this means even more professionals from across the world will gain access to the invaluable programming and networking in-store, even if just for a specific session stream or an on-demand recap. Here are a few of the things we are looking forward to most for our client partners’ benefit.

Solution Roadmap Reveals

Just as Kronos used its annual conference to unveil new features and developments for each of its solution suites, UKG has already announced dedicated sessions to do exactly this. These updates are especially valuable for helping current customers plan for getting the most out of their active solutions as their features evolve and expand over the coming year. If you plan to continue with your current setup—whether UKG Dimensions, Workforce Central, or Workforce Ready—these sessions are a great place to start. 

Suppose your plan is to vet the merits of switching to another UKG solution. We recommend tuning into the roadmap session for your prospective solution that may give you the spark you need to get internal stakeholders on board for migration— bringing us to our next anticipated topic.

Migration, Optimization, and Change Management Discussions

Once we have soaked up the latest in UKG solution news, we are always keen on the latest recommended strategies and practices for enacting change within our partner organizations. UKG Works sessions will offer insights into how organizations can make the most effective changes as efficiently as possible, whether it is by improving how your current solution is used or making the leap to a new platform altogether. 

Empowering Workers With Tech

This year's conference theme of empowering people to watch them shine feels perfectly aligned with how Kronos has driven its development in recent years, as well as being a huge motivation for Kronos and Ultimate Software merging into UKG. These conference sessions always successfully capture the impact of technology on a personal level, clarifying how technology plays a role in empowering both workers and their managers to achieve new levels of productivity, growth, and success.


While we typically look forward to meeting with Workforce customers and fellow UKG solutions experts face-to-face, the safest assurance this year will be the online Expo Hall. While we will be online throughout the event, soaking in everything we can, we are always on hand to connect and learn about your current, prescient needs—now and after the event. Additionally, we have assembled a pre-conference survey to help us better understand where we can help you. 

Eager to get your UKG Works networking started early? No need to wait! We want to know your most significant interests and concerns affecting your business and what challenges you face in pursuing your performance goals. Reach out today to connect with our implementation specialists, and tap into workforce management expertise before, during, and after the main event! 

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