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What about the 40%? The Case for Full-Time IT Employees

Posted by Neil Shah on Jan 17, 2017 11:30:00 AM

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Outsourcing has become nearly synonymous with IT and technology. As our reliance on the cloud and Internet connections grows, so does our openness to flexible or contractor hires. For years, among the most popular workforce trends are virtual work environments and the Gig Economy, in which workers are hired on a per-project or one-off basis.

This flexibility opens the door to temporary hires, rather than full-time or permanent employees. According to an article at, only 41% of U.S. based companies use only permanent IT staff.

The case for contractors? They can offer perhaps more flexibility for companies who have tight deadlines, and may come up with unique and new ideas that they’ve found from working at other jobs.

What We Do Different

At The WFC Group, we are here to make the case for the increasingly rare breed of permanent employees in the tech world.  Although our employees are entirely remote, we still focus on permanent and long-term hires.

We want our employees to grow with us, to learn and gain new skills as technology changes. We value the experience and adaptability our employees bring to our company and our clients. We are proud that our clients can trust the experts we send their way.

Even while full-time IT employees seem to be marching toward extinction, they will find a home at The WFC Group. While we embrace a growing remote and flexible climate, we are proud to provide our employees with stable work, full benefits and the respect they deserve. We find that our clients also value permanent employees – they have trust that they will be working with the same resource in the beginning of their project as the end.

What do you think about full time versus contractor employees? As a client, do you have a preference? Learn more about our company’s values on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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