What Can Businesses Do to Cope with Unprecedented Change?

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Unprecedented is the word of the moment, both inside and outside of work. On its own, this term doesn't define changes as good or bad. It just describes an inability to correlate new challenges with specific past experiences.

How well a business overcomes these unprecedented times depends on their approach to change. Will they take a passive role and let changes determine their response, or will they take an active role by steering their response when faced with new needs and goals?

As a partner responsible for enacting change within organizations (by implementing workforce management solutions), The Workforce Consulting Group understands the value of taking an active approach. And change management as a discipline applies to much more than just putting new software solutions to work. Below are some suggestions on how to improve your change management.

Be Proactive — Involve Your Team

The key to effective change management is thorough communication—before, during, and after changes are made. While current events, including local responses for public health interest, have forced businesses to enact changes quite quickly and with little warning, it is essential to keep your team on board as changes happen.

Tell your employees what the situation is, and if possible, involve them in the planning process for determining your response to what is happening at-large. By making your preparations known and giving your team the opportunity for input, workers will feel valued, and you can achieve buy-in for how you react to key changes as they happen.

Follow up on Changes with Additional Support

Like a new software implementation, the success of how we enact or react to change depends on what happens after a change is complete. After implementing a new workforce management solution, we follow through with additional training and support to ensure that employees and managers can become independent masters of this new solution and so they can feel confident in the advantages it helps them achieve.

Some changes you can anticipate and plan for, others may be outside of your control. You can always control upholding best practices in change management and steering your organization in the right direction from the ground up. Ditch passivity for proactivity, and set new precedents for these unprecedented times—don't let the new precedents set you!

If you are curious to learn more about our approach to change management or are ready to implement new workforce management solutions in response to current changes, please reach out to speak with one of our team members. The Workforce Consulting Group is eager to learn about the unique challenges you face and to help guide you toward change for the better.

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