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Kronos Workforce Management Solutions - The Value of Custom Reporting Creation

Posted by Neil Shah on Feb 18, 2020 10:45:00 AM


Data is the cornerstone of effective decision-making, but the problem today is having to sift through so much of it to get what you want. Workforce management solutions offered by Kronos do a great job of simplifying high-demand data reports into informative leader dashboards at a glance, but what can be done about your businesses' more unique data needs? This is where Kronos's custom reporting capabilities come into play.

Make Sense of What Matters Most to You

Reports (and dashboards) within Kronos help paint a clearer picture of workforce performance, productivity, and engagement levels. However, a more nuanced look at what impacts your business most may require a bit more of a custom approach.

Luckily, Kronos allows customers to input scripts of their own design. Not only do custom scripts automatically uncover the data you most want to see—they also provide more clarity around how results are gathered and presented, for easier interpretation. These custom reports can help leaders connect more dots and build stronger context around their performance than standard dashboards can depict. 

Consistently Cuts to the Chase (Efficiency & Accuracy)

Without a custom script to run non-standard reports regularly, teams would have to deep dive manually. This repeated effort is an inefficient use of their time and opens the door for human error. Writing a script to produce custom reports helps automate this deep dive process. Although this requires a little work upfront to determine what you want to get out of your data and how before even putting it into code, this effort achieves huge returns in both time savings and in report accuracy. Your script means your rules! That's the real power of custom reports.

Keeps You Focused On Your Objectives

Sure, there's a million and a half ways to slice and dice your data in order to explain away the way things are and how they got to be here. But by settling in on a clear methodology and by targeting data geared toward the road ahead, custom reports can empower more proactive decision-making. These reports help strengthen your grip on the steering wheel as you confidently navigate your business's success, both present and future.

Need Help Setting Up Custom Reports for Your Kronos Solution?

You already have a rich source of data on-hand, now's the time to make good use of it. Accessing the data you want to see truly depends on your specific goals and objectives. Our implementation experts are a great resource for talking through what it is you'd like to get out of your data and devising a script to get you there. 

Custom reports need a custom approach, and ours revolves around first hearing what matters most to you. So let us know what you want to get out of your Kronos data, and we'll be happy to help.

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