What Does the End of Adobe Flash Mean For Your Workforce Management System?


The end of Flash is nigh. 2020 is the year when Adobe finally discontinues support for its Flash plugin. That's honestly a good thing, but it may spell change for some outdated technology users (including older workforce management systems).

Flash Player was once a popular program for embedding media (video, sound, etc.) into web applications, but a combination of security issues and lack of mobile-friendliness led to its inevitable demise. Many web service providers and popular web browsers have already ditched Flash compatibility in favor of HTML5 for presenting rich media online.

Forecast: Flash-free Is the Way to Be

In the past two years, mobile internet usage surpassed internet access via desktop. Although workforce management is highly functional and not motivated by traffic and visibility (such as companies' public-facing websites), making these solutions accessible on mobile helps employers adapt to employees' most preferred personal interfaces — their smartphones. 

Mobility is a huge advantage for employers looking to engage their workers' desire for greater flexibility and streamlined admin systems. By tapping into mobile-led design principles, solution providers like Kronos have been able to simplify, automate, and speed up necessary daily processes that would otherwise take away from productive work.

Older Solutions May Face New Challenges – So Upgrade or Migrate Soon

If your workforce management system is older than a couple of years, your productivity may be at the most risk when Flash support comes to an end this year. Current Kronos offerings like Workforce Dimensions and Workforce Central 8.1.3 onward are already primed for a flash-free future, but there are no plans to remove Flash functions from earlier Workforce Central versions. 

Adobe will stop distributing and more importantly patching its Flash plugin later this year, meaning no more security fixes for an already rickety program, and the most common browsers plan to block Flash from loading entirely on the day this happens. Older functionalities may be lost — relics of a lost internet age — which makes now the best opportunity for employers to make modernization their big productivity advantage.

Don't Closeout 2020 in the Dark with Lost Functionality!

To better understand how the demise of Flash will impact your current systems, or to start planning your transition to Flash-free productivity, reach out to speak with our team. The impact may be a little different for everyone, so we make learning about you and your unique situation and needs our priority to offer the best course of action for your continued success. 

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