What is Sustainable Workforce Management, and How Do You Achieve It?











Workforce sustainability is a common business concern, but those focusing solely on employee numbers tend to miss an even more crucial factor — sustainable workforce management. 

It is not enough to focus only on whether you have the right number of workers for the available work volume. These needs are just a snapshot at any given moment and will fluctuate with time. True sustainability in your workforce management means preparedness for conditions you have not experienced yet.

Sustainable Workforce Management is a Constant, Strategic Practice

If labor management is the day-to-day practice of balancing talent to need, sustainable workforce management is the surrounding factors that position your business as a competitive employer. These factors can determine the success of your workforce development, including:

      1. Retaining the right talent, especially amid talent shortages
      2. Attracting high-performing, skilled workers in competitive disciplines
      3. Finding adaptable workers to develop and meet new and growing needs

Sustainable practices put your workers in focus by creating an environment addressing their needs, and they feel culturally stimulated and engaged. Do they have the tools, support, and flexibility to do their best work? Do they feel trusted in their influence on the performance of the company as a whole? Do the benefits of working for your company outshine those of the competition? 

Workforce Management Solutions Make Sustainability Possible

Whichever solutions you choose, what matters is how you use them. Sustainability can be won or lost by the way these technologies are applied to everyday work. It is up to business leaders and decision-makers to fully own workforce sustainability as a strategic goal and put it into practice.

The right configuration of workforce management solutions can proactively support many employees' wants and needs—for example, the mobility to work from wherever they feel most productive. The power and flexibility to adjust work schedules or swap shifts as needed without feeling like their requests are a nuisance—even instant access to the data that matters most, like accruals or career development resources.

Do you, as a leader or manager, feel supported by your workforce management solutions to be strategic in the face of change? Are there opportunities to effectively achieve this goal through either reconfiguration or implementation of new solutions? 

 A quick chat with one of our workforce management experts can help determine the right path to workforce sustainability for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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