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What Were We Up To at our Annual Company Summit?

Posted by Neil Shah on May 24, 2017 11:30:00 AM

Last week we came back from our annual company summit. Quick recap: our summit brings together our entire crew, all of whom work remotely from coast to coast. It's our opportunity to reflect and grow together.

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This year we had a packed agenda, which included group working sessions, leadership & management presentations, workshops, as well as some team bonding social events including a welcome happy hour, bowling “tournament” and a closing private dinner.

In addition to the above activities that keep us very busy at our summits, we spend a day volunteering with a local cause wherever our summit takes us. We contribute to a cause every quarter, so it's extra fun to truly show up together for an act of service, in addition to providing a financial donation.

And what a great end to our annual company summit this year! We're all still riding high from that great feeling from helping tackle some handiwork around the San Diego Farm Animal Rescue as a team last Wednesday. We spent the afternoon mucking horse and pig pens, fixing signs, trimming trees, cleaning out a garage/hay & grain room and more. 

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A Little About the San Diego Farm Animal Rescue

The SDFAR is a non-profit ranch committed to rescuing slaughter-bound farm animals. Their mission is one of compassion - to rescue, educate, and advocate for the ethical treatment of animals. To learn more about how the rescue began, we recommend this article. Having only started a couple years ago, there's plenty of opportunities to help contribute to the facility and animal care and to support educational experiences.

Thank you so much to the SDFAR for having us.

What does your company do as a teambuilding exercise? Know of a cause we should consider for our quarterly focus? We'd love to hear about it!

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