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What’s Trending in Manufacturing Workforce Management?

Posted by Neil Shah on May 10, 2016 11:30:00 AM


Manufacturers are accustomed to keeping up with technology and employing such technology to improve processes and meet goals on the production floor. The latest technology can also be utilized to improve systems in management and supervisory roles. Linking the floor level and management level data and supplying everyone with role-specific information streamlines your entire workforce.

So, what are the hot topics we’re hearing about for 2016? Based on our years of experience in the manufacturing industry, and what we’re hearing from our clients so far, we think these are “must implement” items of the year:

Big Data/Analytics

Workforce Analytics gives your management staff real-time, exact information about what is happening on the production floor. Compare time spent and labor costs with production targets and revenue. Make informed decisions about scheduling and shifts, and make quick changes as necessary to maximize your income. Analytics and big data are more important now, than ever.


Mobile technology allows manufacturing companies to arm its workforce with live access to staffing and timing information.

Acting as a “self-service” option, this technology gives your employees a place to look up upcoming shifts and request a change or time off. This not only keeps your workforce connected and engaged, but also frees your management staff from spending time tracking and responding to these requests.

Automation, through handy mobile access, can keep the plant floor humming – and hopefully singing a satisfied tune.

Time Tracking

Gone are the days of the simple punch-in and punch-out at the end of the day. Give your employees immediate and real-time access to their data and let them help you ensure accuracy.

Kronos can help employees view their shifts and hours to mitigate upcoming scheduling issues and track hours and accruals to watch for errors. Staff can also take advantage of leave and other earnings – improving morale and increasing motivation.

The Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud is becoming increasingly popular, and your manufacturing company should be no different. Putting all your systems in one place, the Kronos Cloud gives you access to and control over your management processes, wherever you are in the world. Also, with automatic software updates and integrated technology, the Kronos Cloud saves you time conducting system checks and upgrades.


The WFC Group has years of experience working within the manufacturing industry. Confused about what you should/should not be implementing at your organization? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business!

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