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Which Kronos Customers Will the End of Flash Affect Most?

Posted by Neil Shah on Jan 14, 2020 11:45:00 AM

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2020 is the year we finally wave goodbye to Adobe Flash. Once a prominent multimedia plugin used widely across websites and internal software, Flash is being retired for its increasing incompatibility with today's most prominent devices.

While most companies have already phased-out Flash usage on customer-facing websites (a necessary move for continued marketability), investments into internal technologies tend to wrung for all they are worth before making another leap. 

Depending on which Kronos Solution you already use, you may need to make a move before the end of the year. Read on to learn which solutions are Flash-free and for our recommended approach on making a switch, if necessary.

Workforce Ready or Workforce Dimensions? No Worries!

If you operate with Workforce Ready, you can rest assured. Since Workforce Ready is free of installation and administered via the cloud, all Workforce Ready customers are already operating with Flash-free delivery.

As a mobile-first solution, Workforce Dimensions was built Flash-free from the start, so Dimensions customers can focus their Flash and technology concerns elsewhere.

Workforce Central? Depends on Your Version.

Workforce Central versions 8.1.3 and after are all Flash-free, so if your solution was last implemented or updated more than a year and a half ago, further attention may be required (and soon!). If you are operating on earlier Workforce Central versions up through 8.1.2, you have a few options available before your web browsers may render your solution outdated. 

  1. Our recommendation: Upgrade to Workforce Central 8.1.3 or later.

  2. It's often easier to build on an already strong familiarity with a platform and bring teams up to speed on improved and enhanced features that will elevate their overall performance and satisfaction. If Central already delivers on what employees trust to get their job done, use this opportunity to move your solution forward into a Flash-free future while taking advantage of newer versions' improved overall benefits.
  4. Migrate to Workforce Ready or Dimensions.
  6. Switching your solution altogether is also an option, but it may be a bit of a balancing act. Not only are customers on a tight timeline before Flash becomes obsolete, it's important to decide whether your target solution suite delivers as much or more than what is needed. Moving from Central to Ready would result in an overall simplification of features and benefits — which could mean losing some important Central features. On the other hand, Moving from Central to Dimensions will likely require greater training to on-board employees and ongoing support for this fast-evolving solution.


Our Team is Here to Help

Would you like to know more about whether an upgrade or migration suits your goals? We're happy to help you make quick and informed decisions with a direct consultation before Flash beats you to the punch. Our implementation specialists are also at the ready to help you through your transition with a clear focus on achieving your unique business goals (configuring the right solution for you, not just a blanket solution).

Reach out to speak with a member of our team today and make progress on liberating your business and workforce management solutions of Flash for good.

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