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Why Delaying Your Flash-Free WFM Update Could Put You at Serious Risk

Posted by Michael Turner on Jun 16, 2020 10:45:00 AM

Why Delaying Your Flash-Free WFM Update Could Put You at Serious Risk

As the death of Adobe Flash draws near, many technology customers may be wondering if and how they can get away without implementing wide-scale updates. Yes, it is possible, although it may be rather complicated. Is it advisable? No, procrastinating is almost assuredly more trouble than it is worth.

We are not being melodramatic here, either. The tech community at large has publicly been preparing for the transition away from the Flash plugin since around 2016. With the arrival of 2021, many major players and providers in the tech space will deem Flash not only obsolete but also unsafe to keep around. They will be issuing updates to remove the plugin at both the operating system and web browser levels.

Only as Strong as Your Weakest Tech Solution

If you commit to maintaining a program with Flash-enabled features in any capacity, you will have to plan ahead to preserve your compatibility. Since many of these removal updates will be issued automatically, IT departments looking to extend Flash availability will have to disable automatic updates for all software and devices across their enterprise, instituting complete manual gate-keeping on updates moving forward.

If Flash compatibility continues to be a baseline for your operations (for instance, preserving your current workforce management system), it will require a constant and vigilant effort by your IT administrators. This includes preventing one integral component from implementing a recommended update that conflicts—even at the risk of losing provider and developer support for your active solutions.

Stuck in a Serious Security Rut

This provider support is key to understanding just how critical it is to move away from Flash. Once Adobe themselves eliminates support for the plugin (meaning no more updates with security patches), the continued presence of the program on systems will pose a growing security risk. Similarly, many other key tech developers and providers like Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft, will set the baseline for supported software and
systems at the Flash-free level.

The longer you wait to implement system-wide changes, the more vulnerable your enterprise will become a significant price to pay to maintain an outdated feature that has already been replaced with newer programming that meets stronger open standards of security and efficiency. 

Do not Wait to Update

Flash will flatline in December, so make your move now before the queue for support gets more crowded. Our team is also here to help speed your process along and alleviate a huge burden on your internal and IT teams. Reach out today to speak with one of our implementation consultants, and set forth on your proactive plan to achieve a secure and Flash-free workplace while there is still time to adjust.


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