Why the Right Talent Matters Now More Than Ever











We are fortunate to be living during a time when technology has allowed businesses to swiftly adapt to sudden workplace restrictions brought on by the coronavirus response. 

Surely, without today's near-instantaneous remote work capabilities, company survival would be a more significant struggle. But while many workforce technologies have provided the mobility to make transitioning to remote work possible, businesses' real persistence depends on having a strong talent base that performs well under new pressures. 

Strong Productivity Under Pressure

Here at The Workforce Consulting Group, we've heard several partners who are achieving similar productivity levels despite downsizing their workforce — focusing more closely on core offerings due to pandemic limitations. The ever-improving capabilities of workforce management and HCM solutions that help identify, hire, and develop strong talent. create resourceful employee bases who can adapt to unforeseen needs and take on new tasks or roles as required with pride.

Putting Talent in Focus

This year, quality talent will be an key topic of conversation during the annual KronosWorks conference, taking place November 18–19. Also faced with these new realities, KronosWorks is shifting to an online-only model this year with the theme "Cultivate the expertise you need to build the workforce you want.

Given the challenges shared workplaces now face, it is no surprise that talent alone would become so crucial to this year's discussion. No matter where the work gets done, it is the people that determine if and how businesses succeed. 

Before the present necessity for remote-ready talent, workforce management solution provider Kronos was preparing to merge with HCM provider Ultimate Software — a goal accomplished earlier this year. Together, their leading productivity and HCM solutions provide the means for more robust workforce development capabilities, especially amid widespread, unforeseen changes around where and how the world works.

Stay Prepared for Change

By combining Kronos Workforce solutions and UltiPro HCM, businesses can make talent sourcing and development a substantial of their operations. To align with the Kronos and UltiPro HCM merger and as a Kronos service partner, The Workforce Consulting Group teamed up with the UltiPro experts at Mosaic Consulting Group. This partnership was founded by this welcome change, helping to prepare our client partners with joint Kronos and Ultimate Software support as these platforms grow ever closer together. 

The time for promoting talent's essential contributions to productivity is now. Is talent a vital part of your plan of persistence? And are your workplace solutions prepared to help you succeed? We want to hear your story — your struggles, successes, and goals — to help see you through current changes and prepare for future success. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for further perspective on the important role talent plays in your organization's success.

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