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Kronos Workforce Ready: Not Just For Small Biz

Travis Burgan
Posted by Travis Burgan on May 2, 2017 11:30:00 AM


My name is Travis Burgan, one of The WFC Group’s Kronos Workforce Ready experts. I’ve worked with the platform since it was first developed, and I’m excited to be guest blogging today about the advantages of the platform for larger businesses!

Although it was designed around the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, Kronos Workforce Ready can be as equally helpful to larger companies that are hesitant about an enterprise solution.

In my experience, sometimes large rollouts of Time & Labor Management (TLM) solutions face logistical hurdles that prevent certain employee populations from participating. In these situations, Kronos Workforce Ready can be an unexpected solution for companies that wouldn't normally be considered a good candidate.

Centered Around Small Employee Populations

Sometimes the size of a workforce is too small to justify the internal costs associated with transitioning them onto a new main TLM platform. This is why there are efficiencies built into Kronos Workforce Ready that help keep implementation and adoption costs realistic for smaller employee populations.

  1. Survey Driven Discovery: Configuration Surveys for each model in order to  reduce the time in discovery doing requirements gathering and design work
  2. 100% Remote Implementations: The cloud-based nature of Kronos Workforce Ready means your platform can be set up without assistance from your IT department setting up remote connections or having to send someone on-site
  3. 100% Online Training: Bring employees up to speed however best works for their individual schedule. No need for onsite training sessions that disrupt their flow.

Won't Tie Up IT Resources

Kronos Workforce Ready is designed to be activated with minimal support from companies' internal staff—which works great for companies that have locations with no IT staff on site.

  • With Kronos Workforce Ready on the Cloud, there's no need to install or maintain software locally, and updates are automatically integrated so you have the most current platform improvements.
  • Predefined Integration Templates make integrating Kronos Workforce Ready with other platforms easier, simplifying the exchange of necessary information across platforms.
  • No Local Database for your IT staff to maintain. It also means information and data storage is consistently synchronized—no redundancies or outdated caches of information causing hiccups.
  • Web Clocks - Kronos Workforce Ready can be deployed without the use of a traditional time clocks by utilizing a web based clock though a PC to meet a small locations timestamping needs.   

Reach Remote (and Home) Offices

Not all offices or employees share a network. But with Kronos Workforce Ready in the Cloud, every employee can take advantage of the same application platform remotely and on mobile.

Get Acquisition/Merger Parties on the Same TLM Page Fast

Long-term growth strategies sometimes require short-term solutions, fast. When your company is going through an acquisition or merger, you need shared systems that can be put in place in days, not months.

  • Kronos Workforce Ready can have a system ready for you to import employee data within days.
  • All Timesheet Calculations are parameter-driven so changes can be made while you are working on the phone with your application specialist.
  • My Training Library is available from day one, priming staff with the resources they need to learn and adopt the platform fast.

If your company is on the fence about an enterprise solution, get in touch with our specialists to figure out if Kronos Workforce Ready might be the unconventional solution that's right for you.

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